‘Aliens’ descend upon Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall

Updated 29 January 2013

‘Aliens’ descend upon Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall

Green beings from Mars have landed in Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall … They have come to shop, and teach children about space and astronomy.
The 'Space Shopper' family comprising individuals dressed up as aliens is part of the Hayya Jeddah shopping festival. The event was organized in cooperation with the Astronomical Society in Jeddah. The Space Shoppers found the mall the best shopping destination, as it is filled with entertainment and surprises, “We are glad to be the first family from our planet to visit the center. The visitors and other families seem to enjoy our program, and they are glad we came,” said the Space Shoppers.
Sana Zahid, a visitor and mother of two, said is was her first time to have seen something like this and she found it fascinating to meet the Space Shoppers.
“It is a new idea and excellent to give educational information to the children. Mine are very much into space. Such a program can help to increase the knowledge and interest of the children. My children now want to visit the mall again and again,” said Zahid.
Another visitor of the program said the concept of the spaceship and aliens genuinely fascinated the children. She liked the Space Shoppers asking different questions to the children and helping them to increase their knowledge.
“I love the concept. It is something we never had before, and my children enjoyed it,” said Samar Abdulaziz, a mother of three.
The families and especially children were fascinated by the visit of the green aliens from the Red Planet and were happy to share their knowledge with them. The model of the spaceship in the middle of the mall was also an attraction.
“Red Sea Mall is the main shopping and entertainment destination in the city of Jeddah. We are motivated to initiate and support the sponsorship of national festivals and other events such as Hayya Jeddah. These merge shopping with fun and entertainment,” said Muhammad Alawi, CEO of Red Sea Mall.
“The Space Shoppers activity helped the kids to interact with what they are learning and gave them a chance to physically participate in it. That will increase their thinking ability in a scientific approach.”

US man charged after 3-year-old daughter shoots mother

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US man charged after 3-year-old daughter shoots mother

  • Child's father left a loaded handgun between the center arm rest and the front passenger seat of his car
  • Shanique Thomas, who is seven weeks pregnant, underwent surgery and suffered nerve damage

MERRILLVILLE, US: A man in the US state of Indiana is facing charges after his 3-year-old daughter accidentally shot her pregnant mother with a gun he left in the woman’s car, police said Thursday.

Menzo Brazier, 21, of Michigan City was charged Thursday with two counts each of criminal recklessness and neglect of a dependent. He’s being held in the Lake County Jail in Crown Point.

Merrillville police said Shanique Thomas, who is seven weeks pregnant, told detectives that Brazier was inside a thrift store shopping Tuesday and she stayed outside in the car because she had a headache and was feeling ill.

“Thomas stated that while she was sitting in the driver’s seat she suddenly heard a loud pop like a balloon” and realized she was bleeding, police said in a news release.

A bullet passed through the driver’s seat, Thomas’ upper right chest, and the windshield, police said.

Brazier had left a loaded handgun between the center arm rest and the front passenger seat, according to police. Detective Sgt. James Bogner said the child “had no idea what she had done and she was very scared.”

The girl has been placed in protective custody along with a 1-year-old boy who also was in the car at the time.

Police said Thomas underwent surgery and suffered nerve damage. They didn’t comment on the condition of her unborn child.