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Saudi Arabia

1,000 fake engineers detected

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE), which is responsible for verifying and certifying engineers in the Kingdom, has identified nearly 1,000 fake degrees submitted by expatriates for verification and certification in 2012.
Hamad Al-Shagawi, one of the top executives at the council, said: “The SCE is responsible for verifying and certifying engineers and consultants, both Saudis and non-Saudis, in the Kingdom. This has led to the uncovering of 1,000 fake degrees of expatriate engineers during 2012.”
He said SCE’s cooperation with the Interior Ministry has helped streamline the accreditation process.
“After carrying out the due process, we consult international companies that specialize in identifying authentic and counterfeit certificates,” he said.
“When we discover a fake degree from an engineer, we immediately notify the Interior Ministry as well as the firm or consultancy with which the engineer is employed,” said Al-Shagawi.
Under the agreement between the SCE and the Interior Ministry, all expatriate engineers must register themselves with the council. “This is directly linked with their iqama (residency permit) renewal,” he said. “Our aim is to attract the best, and talented and qualified engineers in the Kingdom.”

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