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Creative Thinking: 21/12/2012!

It's here, at last! So many prophesies have been cast, so many books have been written, so many lectures have been given on this topic, the Winter Solstice 2012. What can we believe about the forecast of “Doomsday” (one of the many interpretations of the end of the Mayan Calendar)? I have always found this subject interesting and I believe that everybody should be aware of it because it actually concerns us all, mankind and life on the planet in general. It is a topic that should be looked at with eyes wide open, with an alert mind, a little logic, some intuition and a deep feeling.
No one can deny that great changes have being taking place for quite some time and — it’s evident — at a greater speed than before. Such changes are happening all over the world and concern the physical/material level as well as the spiritual/psychological one. We keep on hearing about floods and earthquakes more often than in previous years, climate and temperature are behaving in a most unusual way. Many things seem to have lost their balance.
The minds of too many human beings are totally immersed in a technological world that separates them more and more from reality, from positive feelings, from proper interaction. Furthermore, on an almost daily basis do we hear about scandals concerning corruption, betrayals, pedophilia, frauds, larceny and torture, shootings… Yes, yes, all these crimes have always existed. But, now, they seem to have become a daily news here, there and everywhere.
Mankind is unhappy, dissatisfied, more aggressive than ever and the result is a dreadful turmoil that shakes the world from its foundations. Einstein said that the Earth’s axis will tilt and some remarkable consequences might be felt. Well, no one is considered a “prophet” here and now, and most dismiss such considerations as idle. “Doomsday”? Hard to say if it will or if won’t happen. TODAY is 21/12/2012 and, if you are reading these lines, it means that — at least up to this very moment — we are still alive, the world still exists and it has evidently not come to an end. But, probably, this is not even the really important point. I am deeply convinced that mankind has reached a stage in its existence where self-examination and self-assessment are of paramount importance. We must all find out what our true values are, what our true motivations are, what “life” means to us, what aspirations we are sheltering in our hearts, what we are willing to “do”. No one can afford to move forward with their eyes metaphorically closed. “Awareness” is be the new word/motto to which every human being should be encouraged to found his or her life upon. We need a huge leap into a new perspective, into a new way of perceiving reality, into a novel understanding of the real place each of us has in the economy of the Universe. Time has come to make meaningful changes. And we must do it, NOW! The survival of the world is, literally, in our hands.

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