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How political forces fueled the spread of Iraq protests

  • Regional and local players blamed for spreading violent demonstrations across southern provinces
  • Analysts say that Iran has the most to gain from disrupting oil supplies from Iraq


Saada tribal leaders demand Saudi-led coalition continue military operations in Yemen

  • Saada does not belong to Houthis, say tribal chiefs
  • Iran accused of trying to drive a wedge between Arab countries using its Houthi proxies


Air strikes kill seven civilians in southern Syria: monitor

  • It was not immediately clear whether the strikes were carried out by the regime or its Russian ally
  • More than 350,000 people have been killed and millions displaced by Syria’s war since it started in 2011
By AFP ·


Pilgrimage planning for Hajj season unveiled

  • Chief of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais said the presidency was keen to prepare early for the season this year
  • Al-Sudais said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes pilgrims from all countries of the world and from different sects
By Arab News ·


Gaza: Palestinian territory ravaged by war and poverty

  • Israel tightened its blockade of the Strip on Tuesday by suspending fuel deliveries amid fears of a new all-out conflict
  • Gaza is one of the most densely populated territories on the planet with around two million Palestinians squeezed into 362 square kilometers
By AFP ·


EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker to visit Donald Trump to talk trade on July 25

  • European Commission president will meet US president in Washington
  • Trade tensions rose after the United States imposed import tariffs on EU steel and aluminum
By Reuters ·


Walmart, Microsoft team up to take on Amazon

  • The move is aimed at helping Walmart compete better against Amazon
  • Walmart is already using Microsoft services for some applications
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Zlatko Dalic and Croatia's World Cup success proves path to glory can start in the Middle East

  • Dalic's success in Russia could pave way for more unknown, hungry managers to coach in the region
  • Croatian's time at Al-Hilal and Al-Ain crucial in his education and development as a coach
By John Duerden ·


Egypt targets social media with new law

  • Social media accounts and blogs with more than 5,000 followers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook will be treated as media outlets
  • The media council will supervise the law and take action against violations
By Reuters ·