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Israel defense minister Lieberman resigns over Gaza ceasefire

  • Benjamin Netanyahu defended Israel’s handling of Gaza as prudence
  • Lieberman describes Gaza cease-fire a 'capitulation to terror'
By Reuters ·

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UAE welcomes 'early convening' of UN-led Yemen talks in Sweden

By Arab News ·


Trump names retired general John Abizaid new US ambassador to Saudi Arabia

  • Abizaid is a fluent Arabic speaker of Lebanese Christian descent
  • The 67-year-old wrote his master's thesis at Harvard University about Saudi Arabia
By AFP ·

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World boxing champ Amir Khan eyes Saudi Arabia for new academy

  • The former boxing world champion said there were a lot of warriors in Saudi Arabia
  • Khan said he believes the Kingdom possesses a lot of talent


Duterte skips summit meetings but is in ‘top shape’

  • An official named four scheduled events that Duterte had not attended on Wednesday, during which the president “took power naps” to catch up on sleep
  • Duterte’s health has been a constant source of speculation since he disappeared from public view for a week last year
By Reuters ·


Oman regulator suspends KPMG from new auditing work over ‘irregularities’

  • In Oman, KPMG is banned for one year from doing new auditing work for companies regulated by the CMA
  • It is another setback for KPMG, which is under scrutiny after losing clients in South Africa following its role in a high-profile corruption scandal there
By Reuters ·


Pence presses Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to pardon Reuters journalists

  • Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were arrested in Yangon in December 2017
  • Lawyers for the two Reuters reporters have lodged an appeal against their conviction
By Reuters ·