Multibillion-dollar deals expected as Saudi Arabia investment forum looks east

  • The Future Investment Initiative is tipped to see big investment partnerships from Russia and China
  • The FII is a key event in showcasing Saudi Arabia’s investment opportunities and economy, and linking foreign and local businessmen
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‘Saudi Inc’ author says no shows won’t dent KSA investment appeal

  • Ellen Wald said there was an element of symbolism in the decision by some executives not to attend the Future Investment Initiative
  • Wald also said that the absence of many big name investors from the US and Europe might hand an advantage to other potential business partners
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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince meets with US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

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Saudi Arabia’s road to green energy

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Authorities: Explosive device found near George Soros’ home

  • Beford police said the FBI’s terrorism task force was investigating.
  • Neither local nor federal authorities would say whether the object was capable of exploding
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First Abu Dhabi Bank to start commercial banking in Saudi Arabia this year

  • FAB is the latest foreign bank attracted by openings in Saudi Arabia
  • It had already completed its first debt capital markets transaction in the kingdom through its investment banking business
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Bangladesh police arrest lawyer-publisher tied to opposition

  • Detectives arrested Moinul Hosein after raiding an opposition leader’s home in Dhaka
  • Details of the charges were not immediately clear including whether they were related to a recently passed digital security law
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