Trump vows to remain steadfast partner of Saudi Arabia

  • The Kingdom is a great ally in our fight against Iran and terrorism, said US president.
  • Saudis have worked closely with us to keep oil prices at reasonable levels, he added.
By Arab News ·

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Saudi Arabia, UAE announce $500 million aid program for Yemen

  • New initiative launched aims to secure food for 10 to 12 million people
  • The program was announced by Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabiah, general supervisor of Saudi Arabia's King Salman Centre for Humanitarian Relief and Works
By Lojien Ben Gassem ·

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Nearly 50 die as suicide bomber targets Islamic gathering in Kabul: Official

  • The suicide bomber was able to sneak into a wedding hall in Kabul where hundreds of religious scholars and clerics had gathered
  • No one immediately claimed the attack, but both the Taliban and a local Daesh affiliate have targeted religious scholars before
By Sayed Salahuddin ·


Ecotourism project protects wildlife, promotes jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • The Wadi Al-Disah Development Project will promote economic diversification and create investment opportunities for the private sector
By Arab News ·


Israel joins US, others in rejecting UN migration pact

  • The US quit talks on the pact last December
  • Its final text was agreed in July after 18 months of negotiations and lays out 23 objectives to open up legal migration
By AFP ·

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Gulf ratings untarnished by growing GRE debt

  • Head of equity research at Exotix Capital Hasnain Malik: Investors familiar with the Gulf fully expect debt issuance by governments and their related enterprises to increase
  • Hasnain Malik: The generally very strong financial position of sovereigns in the Gulf and their defensible exchange rates has provided a relative haven for global fixed income investors


FOUR THINGS WE LEARNED: A classic clash, sublime New Orleans Saints and a bad break for Alex Smith

  • Saints once again show why they are serious Super Bowl contenders.
  • Unlucky Alex Smith suffers a horror injury.


Twitter CEO trolled for ‘hate mongering’ against India’s Brahmins

  • Several prominent Indians accused Jack Dorsey of ‘hate mongering’ against Brahmins
  • Twitter India said the poster was handed to Dorsey by a Dalit activist
By Reuters ·