Saudi Arabia's ambassador to UK offers condolences over Umrah crash

  • A bus carrying a group of Umrah pilgrims collided with a fuel tanker
  • Four people from the north of England were killed in the crash
By Arab News ·

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UAE civil aviation authority says Qatari fighter jets intercepted civilian plane Sunday

  • The UAE civil aviation authority says fighter jets flew “dangerously close” to a UAE civilian jet
  • Authorities say threatening the safety and well-being of civilian travelers in any way is a “completely unacceptable act”
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Yemeni vice president: Arab coalition foiled Iran’s project to overthrow Yemen

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Trio of favorites to vie for Iraq’s premiership

  • Haddad said: “Abadi remains the single strongest contender but not strong enough to win anything close to a majority.”
  • The paramilitary chief ditched his civilian clothes in favor of military fatigues in 2014, to rally efforts against an ascendant Daesh.
By AFP ·


Trump’s travel ban faces US Supreme Court showdown

  • The high court has never decided the legal merits of the travel ban.
  • The challengers have argued the policy was motivated by Trump’s enmity toward Muslims.
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Gulf companies challenged by debt and rising interest rates

  • Debt restructurings on the rise, but below crisis levels
  • Central Bank of the UAE has raised interest rates four times since last March
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