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Mandela’s former aides reveal pivotal role KSA played in his fight for freedom

  • The Saudi royal family supported many of Mandela’s charitable causes over the years and always extended great hospitality, reveals Zelda La Grange, Mandela's private secretary for 19 years
  • Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan was among a handful of Mandela’s closest friends at his wedding to his third wife in 1998
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Saudi forces intercept Houthi missile targeting Najran

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New evidence of Qatar’s $1 billion ransom that funds terror

  • 28 Qataris were taken hostage on Dec 16, 2015, while hunting with falcons in southern Iraq, having ignored all warnings about not traveling to the area
  • Qatar paid the biggest ransom in history: $1 billion plus $125 million in “side payments” to terrorist groups such as the Al-Nusra and Kataib Hezbollah

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Iraq online shutdown cost ‘$40m a day’



Turkey avoids US flak with Patriot missile bid



Tesla’s Musk apologizes for his comments on British caver

  • Musk had previously defended his earlier tweets, saying that Vern Unsworth had also verbal attacked him
  • Unsworth is currently receiving legal advice on the comments Musk made
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US-China trade war to weigh on South Korean economy

  • The South Korean economy is expected to grow 2.9 percent this year, lower than an earlier estimate of three percent
  • The International Monetary Fund said this week the growing trade confrontation is the ‘greatest near-term threat to global growth’
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Joe Root’s century seals England series win over India, maintains No. 1 ODI ranking

  • This was Root’s second unbeaten century in successive innings
  • Joe Root became England’s leading one-day international century-maker
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Egypt targets social media with new law

  • Social media accounts and blogs with more than 5,000 followers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook will be treated as media outlets
  • The media council will supervise the law and take action against violations
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