Gaza truce largely holds after Israeli strikes over soldier death

  • Israel’s army and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office declined to confirm a truce was reached
  • The United Nations urged all sides to step “back from the brink” after months of increasing tensions
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Rebels reach north Syria after south evacuations

  • The evacuations from Quneitra came after a Russia-brokered agreement was reached to see rebels hand over the territory to the Syrian regime
  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said the first convoy to reach Morek transported around 2,800 people
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Saada elders ‘never to give up’ in battle against Houthi militants

  • Tribal leaders thank King Salman for taking a firm stand by the side of Yemeni people
  • Iran had tried and failed to introduce a new version of Hezbollah into Yemen
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Egypt says Israel’s Jewish nation-state law undermines Middle East peace

  • Egypt on Saturday said a new Israeli law giving Jews the exclusive right to self-determination in the country undermined the chances for peace
  • The law, which was passed on Thursday, has drawn rebuke from the EU and was denounced by the Palestinian Authority
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State-actors likely behind Singapore cyberattack: experts

  • Singapore’s health minister said it was “a deliberate, targeted, and well-planned cyberattack"
  • Officials refused to comment on the identity of the hackers citing “operational security”
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Farnborough airshow announces $192 bn in orders

  • The biannual air industry gathering recorded more than 1,400 commercial aircraft orders
  • The total is an increase of $67.5 billion on the last airshow two years ago
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Facebook suspends Boston analytics firm over data usage

  • Facebook said Friday that Crimson Hexagon is cooperating and that so far its investigation hasn’t found evidence that the firm obtained Facebook or Instagram information inappropriately
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Egypt tightens grip on media with new bill

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