Multibillion-dollar deals expected as investment forum looks east

  • The Future Investment Initiative is tipped to see big investment partnerships from Russia and China
  • The FII is a key event in showcasing Saudi Arabia’s investment opportunities and economy, and linking foreign and local businessmen
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Saudi Arabia has ‘no intention’ of 1973 oil embargo replay

  • Falih said that if oil prices went up, it would slow down the global economy and trigger a recession
  • Falih said Saudi Arabia would soon raise output to 11 million barrels per day (bpd) from the current 10.7 million
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Saudi official provides further, new details on Khashoggi case: Reuters

  • Variation in narrative due to government being given ‘false information reported internally at the time’
  • Reuters interview suggests negotiation team defied orders, resorted to violence and gave body to local cooperator rolled in carpet to get rid of it
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Saudi Arabia's road to green energy

  • Almost all 20 Arab countries surveyed witnessed an increase in electricity peak demand by more than 10 percent from 2013 to 2016
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Over 7K-strong, migrant caravan pushes on; still far from US

  • The caravan is at least 1,140 miles (1,830 kilometers) from the nearest border crossing
  • No one is capable of organizing this many people: aid worker
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Vote count begins for Afghan election

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‘Saudi Inc’ author says no shows won’t dent KSA investment appeal

  • Ellen Wald said there was an element of symbolism in the decision by some executives not to attend the Future Investment Initiative
  • Wald also said that the absence of many big name investors from the US and Europe might hand an advantage to other potential business partners
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