Iraqi police arresting protesters in the south — activists

  • The government rushed to contain the protests with promises of thousands of jobs, mainly in the oil sector
  • Basra is home to about 70 percent of Iraq’s proven oil reserves of 153.1 billion barrels
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Strikes blamed on Israel killed 9 pro-regime fighters in Syria: monitor

  • Syrian state media had accused Israel of bombing a military position in Aleppo province late Sunday
  • Israel has repeatedly warned it will not tolerate an entrenched presence of its archfoe Iran in the neighboring country
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Putin and Trump discuss Syria, election meddling and 'shared interests' at Helsinki summit

  • Two leaders are meeting in the Finnish capital for a much-anticipated summit
  • Trump made the brief remarks in front of reporters, at a conference table surrounded by top officials
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IMF raises Saudi growth forecast on higher oil prices

  • The IMF raises its growth forecast for Saudi Arabia for the third time since October 2017
  • The IMF raises the growth forecast from 1.7% to 1.9% this year
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Philippine president bolsters security, defense ties with Malaysia

  • Both Southeast Asian leaders have a dented human rights reputation globally although Mahathir has softened his strongman outlook
  • Piracy and armed robbery against ships remains an ongoing issue for leaders in Southeast Asia as oil and supplies worth billions are lost at sea each year
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IMF warns of rising risks to global growth amid trade tensions

  • Worsening trade confrontations pose serious risks to the outlook, the IMF said
  • The fund warns growth could be cut by a half point by 2020 if tariff threats are carried out
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Expert tests prove Arabsat not involved in illegal broadcasts of World Cup

  • Multiple tests by experts confirm Arabsat frequencies were not used for illegal World Cup broadcasts
  • Arabsat’s CEO demands immediate retraction and apology from FIFA after research vindicates broadcaster
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