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"Change your ways, or face steely US resolve": Pompeo warns Iran

  • US Secretary of State laid out Trump administration’s strategy for constraining Iran’s nuclear program
  • US threatens "strongest sanctions in history" if Iranian government does not change course
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Saudi Arabia forces intercept Houthi missile targeting Jazan

  • Saudi Arabia’s air defense forces intercepted a ballistic missile launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia targeting Jazan early Monday morning
  • This is not the first incident where the Houthis have targeted civilian areas in Saudi Arabia
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State TV: Syrian army pushes Daesh from district south of Damascus

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Transport sector in the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah discusses preparations for Hajj

  • The meeting was attended by coordinating councils for trips from Makkah and the Makkah Development Authority at the ministry headquarters.
  • Several approved projects were discussed during the meeting, including the expansion of bridge 62 Souq Al Arab over Wadi Arna, west of Arafat, and linking it to the existing northern pedestrian route No. 6.
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Former Dubai and Qatar teacher admits child sex offenses

  • American, William Brinson Ball, 39, pleaded guilty to attempting to solicit sex with a minor and possession of child pornography
  • On his arrest on Feb. 15, he was found to have items for the child, as well as condoms and lubricant


At least 18 dead after cyclone hits Horn of Africa

  • Cyclone Sagar formed last week in the Gulf of Aden off Yemen’s coast and made landfall on Saturday in Djibouti and Somaliland, a breakaway state in northern Somalia where the bulk of the deaths occurred.
  • Forty fishermen who were at sea and were not warned about the storm remain unaccounted for.


Saudi Society for Medical Genetics approves 12 recommendations to combat diseases

  • More than 130 pediatricians, geneticists, genetic researchers, laboratory technicians, nutritionists attended the conference from across the kingdom.
  • The conference is an opportunity for medical professionals and workers in the region to keep up-to-date with the most important developments.
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Poor use of local talent, bad auction decisions have cost Royal Challengers Bangalore dear in IPL

  • 2018 debacle – eight losses in 14 games – follows on the heels of a 2017 season where they won just three matches
  • Bangalore, both in terms of recruitment and on-field execution, were well off the pace in this year's IPL
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