Israel hits more Hamas targets after cross-border raid

  • An Israeli tank fired at a Hamas position after Gazans broke through the border fence and torched an unmanned military position
  • A total of at least 118 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since then, according to authorities in Gaza, which is run by the Islamist movement Hamas
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Arab coalition destroys Houthi boats threatening oil tanker in Red Sea

  • UAE forces destroyed the two boats that were targeting a commercial oil tanker, while two other Houthi boats escaped the report added
  • No specific details were given on the tanker, or if it had been damaged
By Arab News ·

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Iraq’s Al-Fattah leaders deep in coalition talks with Muqtada Al-Sadr

  • Negotiations between the leading Iraqi political forces to form the biggest parliamentary bloc started immediately after the official results were announced late on Friday.
  • The backing of Al-Fattah leaders is essential to nominate the next prime minister and form a strong and stable government.


Lebanese parliament re-elects Berri as speaker

  • After his re-election as speaker, Berri called for a new government to be formed as soon as possible
  • Berri, 80, heads the Amal Movement and has been allied with Hezbollah since the end of Lebanon's 1975-90 civil war
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Malaysia says search for Flight MH370 to end next week

  • Flight MH370, carrying 239 people, disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014
  • Voice 370, a group representing the relatives of those aboard the flight, had called on the new government to review all matters related to MH370
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Britain’s M&S says must accelerate change or die

  • After taking account of adjusted items of 514.1 million pounds, including the charge relating to store closures, pretax profit was 66.8 million pounds, a 62 percent fall
  • M&S is one of the best known brands on British high streets
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