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US Secretary of State Pompeo meets with Saudi King Salman

  • The US chief diplomat was greeted at Riyadh airport by Saudi Foreign Minister and ambassador to Washington
By AFP ·

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Saudi Royal Air Force plane crashes during training mission northwest of the kingdom

  • An investigation was opened into the cause of the crash of the British-manufactured Hawk
  • All of the crew were killed in the crash
By Arab News ·

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Iranian border guards kidnapped on border with Pakistan

  • The official said the kidnappers were members of a terrorist group, but gave no more details
  • Lulakdan is in Sistan and Baluchestan Province
By AFP ·


Israeli defense minister: Now’s the time to strike Hamas

  • Israel's Netanyahu previously threatened Hamas with “heavy blow”
  • Hamas has held weekly border protests for the past six months, aimed at easing a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade
By AP ·


Result against Brazil doesn’t matter, says Argentina legend Mario Kempes

  • Argentina legend admits side is in transition and says the performance matters more than the result.
  • Argentina likely to be changed from the side that thrashed Iraq 4-0 on Thursday.
By Samindra Kunti ·