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2 killed, dozens wounded as Iraq protests hit second week

  • Protests demanding jobs and better public services have swept southern Iraq in the past week, and the government of Prime Minister Haider Abadi has blocked Internet access to make the organizers’ task more difficult.
  • Foreign airlines including Oman Air, flydubai and Royal Jordanian have all announced the suspension of flights.
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Israeli rockets hit Syrian military position in Aleppo: Syrian state media

  • Syrian state media said on Sunday that Israeli rockets had hit a Syrian military position near Nairab airport
  • Strikes caused only "material damage"
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Trump arrives in Finland for closely watched Putin summit

  • Trump describes the European Union, a bloc of nation’s that includes many of America’s closest allies, as a “foe,” particularly on trade.
  • He said Russia is a foe “in certain respects” and that China is a foe “economically ... but that doesn’t mean they are bad.
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How Saudis are adapting to fast-changing life in the Kingdom

  • A retired psychologist Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sobihi, 53, explains why the recent big changes in the Saudi Arabia have been accepted so easily.
  • Umm Al-Qura instructor Abdulrahman Al-Haidari says what's even more amazing most of the Saudis who have taken up education abroad are returning to help in the Kingdom's modernization program.


Assad forces target fighters near Golan Heights

  • Regime forces fired more than 800 missiles at an area between northern Daraa and the Quneitra countryside
  • In Daraa, the evacuation deal will hand over areas held by the fighters for years back to regime control
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Clean water for all is still centuries away, aid group warns

  • By the 2030 deadline, “a significant number of people” in 80 countries are unlikely to have access to clean water, while poor sanitation is expected to persist in more than 100 nations
  • Namibians would have to wait until 2246 for everyone to have clean water, while all Eritreans would not get it until 2507 and Nicaraguans not until 2180
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Britain unveils “short and sharper” code for companies

  • The new code emphasises the need for boards to refresh themselves, become diverse and plan properly for replacing top jobs
  • Company remuneration committees should also take into account workforce pay when setting director pay
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France overpower Croatia 4-2 to win World Cup final

  • France overwhelmed Croatia 4-2 in the World Cup final at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium
  • Croatia fought hard for an hour but gradually ran out of steam after playing extra time in their three previous matches
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Twitter suspends two accounts linked to 12 Russians indicted by Mueller

  • The indictment alleges that from around June 2016 the conspirators released tens of thousands of stolen emails and documents “using fictitious online personas, including ‘DCLeaks’ and ‘Guccifer 2.0.’.”
  • Friday’s indictment was the first by Mueller that directly charges the Russian government with meddling in the election
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