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‘Rogue killers’ may be behind Khashoggi disappearance, Trump says

  • US Secretary of State Pompeo sent to Riyadh for talks after Saudi king and US president discuss case by phone
  • Pompeo will then visit Turkey after his trip to Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia is world’s energy ‘shock absorber’, says minister Al-Falih

  • Al-Falih told an energy event in India that it was time this balancing role was respected and acknowledged by the international community.
  • He added that the Kingdom wanted to continue playing the global balancing role that it currently plays.
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Arab allies and Middle East organizations voice support, solidarity with Saudi Arabia

  • Arab world affirms their full solidarity with Saudi Arabia
  • The statements, issued by each country’s official news agency, came following accusations against the Kingdom in the case of the missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi
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Startup of the Week: Entangling the world with minimal fashion

  • All my designs are hand drawn. I could easily draw them digitally, but I think keeping them hand drawn gives a more personal and authentic feel


Lebanon rejects Syrian conditions on its trucks' transit through Nassib border crossing

  • The only contact existing with the Syrian side is on the return of displaced persons and is taking place with the Russian side: source
  • The Lebanese leader Michel Aoun had praised the agreement reached between the Jordanian and Syrian authorities to open the Nassib border crossing


Pakistan opposition takes prime minister to task over IMF deal

  • The daily dithering has paralyzed the economy and precipitously devalued the rupee, says Sen. Sherry Rehman
  • Govt has instilled a sense of 'comfort and confidence' in the markets, says official spokesman


Saudi Arabia leave it late to salvage draw with Iraq in Riyadh

  • Abdulaziz Al-Bishi scored in the 94th minute
  • Pizzi rang the changes in the second half, making six subsitutions in total
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Hawking’s final book offers brief answers to big questions

  • Hawking was forever being asked the same things and started work on “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” last year before he died
  • “He was regularly asked a set of questions,” his daughter Lucy Hawking said
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