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Saudi leadership, Pompeo agree ‘thorough, transparent investigation’ into Khashoggi disappearance

  • Pompeo thanked King Salman for his commitment to a thorough, transparent investigation
  • The crown prince assured Pompeo that the US and Saudi Arabia are "old, strong allies"
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US Treasury imposes sanctions on Iranian network supporting child soldiers

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Seven killed in Morocco train derailment

  • The train derailed near Sidi Bouknadel, a town near Rabat
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King Salman’s support vital to national heritage achievements

  • The Saudi leadership made key decisions to protect antiquities and historical sites
  • Saudi Arabia aims to conduct awareness campaigns, establish museums and develop them in a modern way to attract citizens and visitors
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Iraq’s Mosul logs civil records lost to years of Daesh rule

  • During the Daesh’s reign, thousands of Iraqis who lived in areas controlled by Daesh virtually disappeared from state registers
  • When Iraqi forces retook the city and courts reopened, he and his wife rushed to sign a new marriage contract
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Desertification an imminent threat, creating unstable grounds for development

  • Arable land is turning to desert at an alarming rate, especially in the Middle East — affecting food security, biodiversity, socio-economic stability and economic development
  • With 70-90% of the Arabian Peninsula under threat of desertification, new measures must be attempted to sustain development in the region
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Business booms ahead of Afghan election

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Maalem Financing raises $26m in debut sukuk

  • The sukuk from Maalem, a shariah-compliant commercial and consumer financing firm, is a small but novel deal
  • The three-year unsubordinated deal was sold through a private placement and Maalem could tap the market again
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Saudi Arabia errors causing problems for Juan Antonio Pizzi

  • The Saudi Arabia coach was speaking having watched his side draw 1-1 with Iraq in Riyadh on Monday
  • Despite snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat the Chilean coach admitted he was happier with the Green Falcons
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No joking: Ben Stiller directs gritty prison drama

  • Stiller puts on his auteur hat to tell the gritty and fascinating tale of a woman who helped two murderers escape from an upstate New York jail near the Canadian border
  • Stiller, whose films have grossed nearly $3 billion (2.5 billion euros), said it would have been impossible to “do all the nuances of (prison) reality in two hours” on the big screen
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