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US troops to stay in Syria as long as Iran forces operate on foreign soil — Bolton

  • John Bolton says Iran 'responsible for attacks in Syria, Lebanon and responsible for the shooting down of a Russian military aircraft,"
  • Israel has carried out strikes against many sites in Syria linked to Iranian militias
By Arab News ·

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Qatar accused of building World Cup stadiums on land stolen from persecuted tribe

  • Al-Ghufran tribe hand a letter of protest to the game’s world governing body, FIFA
  • The tribe claim that land used for World Cup stadiums was taken from them by force
By Arab News ·


Arab coalition in Yemen sets up civilian safe corridors from Hodeidah to Sanaa

  • Progress in Hodeidah has been slow because the Coalition wants to avoid harming civilians, says spokesman
  • Iranian naval vessel disguised as a registered commercial ship found spying on ships passing through the Strait of Bab Al-Mandeb
By Lojien Ben Gassem ·


Muslim World League chief meets Lebanese religious leaders

By Mohammed Al-Sulami ·


Saudi Arabia's aid agency plan to distribute 10,500 food baskets in Margib launched

  • KSRelief organized an entertainment trip for 26 Yemeni children formerly recruited by the Houthi militias
By Arab News ·

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‘The US administration has lost it,’ says Palestinian envoy

  • Referring to the decisions to defund church-run hospitals in Jerusalem, and to invalidate family visas, he said: “Clearly the US administration has lost it”
By Daoud Kuttab ·


French state-owned bank drops plan to aid trade with Iran

  • US-imposed sanctions sanctions iare making trade with Iran increasingly difficult for European companies - such as Volvo
  • US is renewing sanctions on Iran after withdrawing from a nuclear deal forged in 2015 between Tehran and world powers
By Reuters ·

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Big-screen business in Saudi Arabia will be billion-dollar industry by 2030

  • Saudi has huge opportunities and is expected to become a significant box office market worth $1 billion (SR3.75 billion)
By Jennifer Bell ·


Qatar-owned Paris Saint-Germain under investigation once again over financial fair play rules

  • French champions again in the spotlight over possible financial fair play irregularities.
  • In June, UEFA’s Club Financial Control Body closed its investigation only to re-open it just a month later.
By AFP ·

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Former BBC presenter fighting the good fight against fake news

  • Misleading reports and plain lies spread like wildfire in the Internet age. But veteran BBC journalist Gavin Esler wants to fight back — with facts
  • Gavin Esler: Brexit is turning out to be a really really bad meal. We ordered steak and chips and we’ve now got some raw chicken that smells bad