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‘Rogue killers’ may be behind Khashoggi disappearance, Trump says

  • US Secretary of State Pompeo sent to Riyadh for talks after Saudi king and US president discuss case by phone
  • Pompeo will then visit Turkey after his trip to Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia is world’s energy ‘shock absorber’, says minister Al-Falih

  • Al-Falih told an energy event in India that it was time this balancing role was respected and acknowledged by the international community.
  • He added that the Kingdom wanted to continue playing the global balancing role that it currently plays.
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Arab allies and Middle East organizations voice support, solidarity with Saudi Arabia

  • Arab world affirms their full solidarity with Saudi Arabia
  • The statements, issued by each country’s official news agency, came following accusations against the Kingdom in the case of the missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi
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Startup of the Week: Entangling the world with minimal fashion

  • All my designs are hand drawn. I could easily draw them digitally, but I think keeping them hand drawn gives a more personal and authentic feel


Assad regime renews threat to attack Idlib after militants refuse to pull out

  • Province ‘must return to Syrian sovereignty,’ minister warns as buffer-zone deal hangs in balance
  • Syrian FM says it is now up to Russia to judge whether the agreement, which averted a regime offensive last month, was being fulfilled


Pakistan opposition takes prime minister to task over IMF deal

  • The daily dithering has paralyzed the economy and precipitously devalued the rupee, says Sen. Sherry Rehman
  • Govt has instilled a sense of 'comfort and confidence' in the markets, says official spokesman


Saudi Arabia leave it late to salvage draw with Iraq in Riyadh

  • Abdulaziz Al-Bishi scored in the 94th minute
  • Pizzi rang the changes in the second half, making six subsitutions in total
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Hawking’s final book offers brief answers to big questions

  • Hawking was forever being asked the same things and started work on “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” last year before he died
  • “He was regularly asked a set of questions,” his daughter Lucy Hawking said
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