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Saudi official provides further, new details on Khashoggi case: Reuters

  • Variation in narrative due to government being given ‘false information reported internally at the time’
  • Reuters interview suggests negotiation team defied orders, resorted to violence and gave body to local cooperator rolled in carpet to get rid of it
By Arab News ·


US’s Mnuchin talks about sanctions premature, will visit Riyadh for talks with counterpart

By Reuters ·

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Israel reopens people, goods crossings to Gaza after lull

  • Hamas disavowed the launch and said it was investigating the incident, as fears of a new war rose
  • Near daily protests along the border since March 30 against Israel’s crippling 11-year blockade of the impoverished enclave have sparked repeated clashes with the army
By AFP ·


Kurdish party behind referendum wins regional polls in Iraq

  • The elections commission says the Kurdistan Democratic Party won 45 seats out of 111 seats
By AP ·

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Afghan vote enters second day after series of bloody attacks, claims of mismanagement

  • Election Commission said more than three million people out of 8.8 million managed to cast their vote on Saturday
  • On Sunday the Election Commission sent more ballot papers for 401 polling stations where people could not vote owing to attacks and irregularities
By Sayed Salahuddin ·


Women’s Bowling Championship 2018 wraps up in Jeddah

  • Sixty-three competitors, many of them amateurs, participated in the competition which consisted of four rounds
By Ruba Obaid ·


Google to charge Android partners up to $40 per device for apps

  • The new system should give Google’s rivals such as Microsoft Corp. more room to partner with hardware makers
  • The fee can be as low as $2.50 and rises depending on the country and device size
By Reuters ·