‘Spy cell’ in Saudi Arabia sought foreign financing

By Nayef Al-Rashid - Asharq Alawsat ·


Saudi team develops payload for use in joint lunar exploration with Chinese Space Agency

  • The joint exploration is in line with a memorandum of understanding concluded between China and Saudi Arabia during King Salman's visit to Beijing in mid-March 2017,
  • Under the agreement, the Saudi side will build a payload for a space censoring system for use in filming and take photos of the moon.
By Arab News ·


Saudi-led coalition rescues young girl being used as ‘human shield’ by Houthis in Yemeni conflict

  • The Saudi-led coalition spokesperson Col. Turki Al-Malki stated on Saturday that a four-year old baby girl named Jamilah had been rescued
  • The Joint Forces of the Coalition, represented by its Child Protection Unit, provided necessary medical care for the child


First Saudi manga artist highlights Arab culture through its proverbs

  • Kamel's research addresses the ability to use manga art to represent the Kingdom’s culture through its proverbs
  • Kamel’s interest in art started in her early years when her mother was an art teacher
By Ahmed Al-Saidlani ·


Sudan protests against Egyptian Ramadan TV series Abu Omar al-Masri 

  • The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said it had summoned the Egyptian ambassador to Khartoum to protest against the series, starring Egyptian actor Ahmad Ezz. 
  • Khartoum is angered by the idea that Egyptian militants would find refuge in Sudan.
By Arab News ·

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New Iraqi coalition ‘in three days’

By Suadad Al-Salhy  ·

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The Philippine Rise: An untouched treasure

  • The Benham Bank exhibits a rich marine biodiversity. Its reefscapes contain corals, algae, sponges and Halimeda, which sustain a variety of fish. 
  • The UN approved the Philippines’ claim to the area in April 2012. On May 16, 2017, Duterte signed an order renaming it the Philippine Rise.
By Ellie Aben ·


UAE to loosen visa rules for investors and innovators

  • UAE cabinet announces the launch of an integrated visa system to attract talent and talent in all vital sectors of the national economy
  • The Council also announced changes in the system of foreign ownership of companies in the country, which allows the acquisition of 100% of the global investors by the end of the year
By Arab News ·


Battle of the bakers in Cairo’s ‘kunafa war’

  • Egyptian sweet makers are adding a modern spin to the dish that originated in Palestine, adding a range of unusual ingredients to their creations. 
  • Kunafa in Egypt is traditionally crunchy on the top and bottom with sugar or honey sweetening it with fillings in between such as cheese, mixed nuts, raisins and custard.