Tribal leaders from Saada demand the Saudi-led coalition continue military operations in Yemen

  • Saada does not belong to Houthis, say tribal chiefs
  • Iran accused of trying to drive a wedge between Arab countries using its Houthi proxies

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Put pressure on Iran, Trump urges Putin at historic summit

  • US and Russian leaders also pledge new cooperation to end conflict in Syria
  • Trump blames "stupid" US policy for the deterioration in relations between his country and Russia
By Arab News ·


IMF raises Saudi growth forecast on higher oil prices

  • The IMF raises its growth forecast for Saudi Arabia for the third time since October 2017
  • The IMF raises the growth forecast from 1.7% to 1.9% this year
By AFP ·


KSRelief to provide 5,000 Yemenis with school supplies

  • There are two million Yemeni children out of school because of the Houthis’ aggression against civilians
  • The total cost of all the projects provided by KSRelief since its establishment is $70 million
By Hanan Alnufaie ·

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Child cancer hospital investigation sends shockwaves through Egypt

  • The hospital receives donations of up to 1 billion Egyptian pounds ($5.6 million) every year, but it pays no more than 160.2 million for the treatment of the children annually
  • Many have questioned the legality of the gag order, given that such directives are usually issued by Egypt’s public prosecutor


UN envoy: 1.1 billion people face risks from lack of cooling

  • “Access to cooling is not a luxury. Access to cooling is now a fundamental issue of equity”
  • For the first time in a decade, the number of people who are undernourished has increased — from 777 million people in 2015 to 815 million in 2016
By AP ·


Tesla shares fall after CEO Musk abuses British diver

  • The billionaire entrepreneur’s spat with British diver Vernon Unsworth started last week, after rescue teams rejected Musk’s offer of a mini-submarine created by his rocket company SpaceX
  • Musk gave no evidence for alleging Unsworth was a pedophile
By Reuters ·


Pakistan's Azhar Ali signs for Somerset

  • Azhar is set to make his Somerset debut against Worcestershire later this month
By AFP ·

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Arabic publishers face struggle to balance books

  • Low readership rates are a constant source of frustration for Arab authors and their publishers
  • With Arabic bookshops struggling worldwide book fairs provide a vital point of sale for publishers
By Olivia Cuthbert ·