Qatar defies Trump, bails out Turkey with $15bn investment pledge

  • Emir's support for Erdogan comes amid trade, diplomatic spat with US
  • The Turkish currency has lost nearly 40 percent against the dollar this year
By Arab News ·

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Man with suspected explosive vest neutralized in Saudi city

  • Al-Harbi was wounded and taken to hospital
  • The spokesman said Al-Harbi had “adopted Daesh ideology”
By Arab News ·


Hajj and politics don't mix, says Saudi minister

  • Saudi Arabia has no condition to impose on any Muslim coming only to perform their Hajj rituals in peace, says minister
  • The minister also highlighted the importance of the Makkah Route project to ease Hajj for the pilgrims

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How Hajj volunteers help pilgrims realize their lifelong dream

By HUSSAM AL-MAYMAN - Ahmad Alsaidlani ·

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5 charged with terror after raid, shoot-out in Jordan

By Arab News ·


Saudi Arabia praised for services and facilities for Hajj pilgrims

  • Guests laud King Salman’s efforts to unify ranks
  • Tatarstan’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Kamil Ismailov hailed the Kingdom’s efforts to ensure pilgrims’ comfort and safety
By Tareq Al-Thaqafi ·

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Jordan weighs up Russian offer for voluntary return of Syrian refugees

  • Russia has offered to repatriate the Syrians by the end of 2018 but Jordan does not want to force displaced Syrians to return to their homeland
  • Jordan would benefit from reopening its border with Syria, but also carried risks of terrorists enter the country with fake IDs
By Mohamed Al-Daameh ·


Trump blacklists critical ex-CIA chief Brennan

  • In a highly unusually directive, Trump claimed that Brennan had become “erratic”
  • Brennan, a frequent Trump critic, could now lose access to classified information, a courtesy usually afforded to former senior officials
By AFP ·


US hits Chinese and Russian firms over breach of N.Korea sanctions

  • Hit were the China-based Dalian Sun Moon Star International Logistics Trading Co. Ltd. and Russian-based Profinet Pte Ltd.
  • The US Treasury said the offending agencies netted more than $1 billion a year by exporting alcohol and cigarette products to North Korea

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Solid start in Asian Games for ‘work in progress’ Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabian coach Saad Al-Shehri promised his U23 side will improve after goalless draw
  • Young Falcons are back in action on Friday, against Myanmar
By Gary Meenaghan ·

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Al Jazeera comes under scrutiny in the US

  • Controversial Qatari network will be forced to reveal funding and ownership details under new legislation
  • The revelation that Al Jazeera had 175 staff accredited to the US Senate and House of Representatives in 2016 rang alarm bells