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Hosting France’s Macron, Trump calls Iran nuclear deal ‘a disaster’

  • The arrival was heavy on pomp, with nearly 500 US service-members from all five military branches participating in the ceremonial welcome.
  • Pomp and ceremony aside, Trump and Macron disagree on some fundamental issues. A prime dividing point is the multinational Iran nuclear deal.
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Karadzic insists he sought ‘peace’ in Balkans war

  • The once-feared Bosnian Serb leader is urging the judges to throw out his 2016 conviction for war crimes and genocide.
  • He was found guilty of 10 charges, including genocide in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre — Europe’s worst bloodshed since World War II.
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UAE builds $190m township in Kabul



Scientist in Facebook data scandal Aleksandr Kogan says he is being scapegoated

  • Aleksandr Kogan teaches at Cambridge University
  • Kogan was behind the app that allowed consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to farm data
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