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US sanctions five Iranians it links to Revolutionary Guard, Houthi militia in Yemen

  • US treasury sanctions 5 Iranians for providing Yemen's Houthi with missile expertise.
  • Iran backed Houthi militia have been targeting Saudi Arabian cities from Yemen.
By Arab News ·


Trump says North Korea summit could be delayed

  • Trump believes North Korean leader is willing to give up nukes amid fears about Kim's backpedaling.
  • Trump: uncertainty of Korean talks due to a change in attitude after Kim had second meeting with the Chinese premier Xi Jinping.
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Daesh attack in Syria desert kills more than 30 regime troops and allied militia

  • Daesh militants attacked regime troops in the Badiya area, the destination for extremists evacuated from southern Damascus.
  • Syrian troops and allied foreign militia members among the dead in the Badiya attack near Palmyra.
By Arab News ·

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Iraq’s Al-Fattah leaders deep in coalition talks with Muqtada Al-Sadr

  • Negotiations between the leading Iraqi political forces to form the biggest parliamentary bloc started immediately after the official results were announced late on Friday.
  • The backing of Al-Fattah leaders is essential to nominate the next prime minister and form a strong and stable government.


Irish PM urges voters to see through last minute abortion referendum ‘tactics’

  • Leo Varadkar: “What I see now in the final days of this campaign is a tactic by the ‘No’ campaign to try and make out that there is some sort of alternative amendment that we could put into our constitution.”
  • ‘No’ campaigners, which include more than half of the Fianna Fail parliamentary party, say the government’s proposals go too far.
By Reuters ·


Merkel seeks united front with China amid Trump trade fears

  • Merkel seeks common ground to ward off trade war
  • Plans complicated by US policy moves


Saudi Arabia's foreign minister attends G-20 meet in Argentine capital

  • They discussed issues of common interest, ways of enhancing bilateral relations and cooperation with the Kingdom, and issues on the agenda of the meeting