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Eyad Abu Shakra is managing editor of Asharq Al-Awsat.

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Some return to the past, others look to the future

A few days ago, I attended the World Government Summit in Dubai.

February 23, 2018

Syria and Lebanon: Confusion and mixed signals

Several developments took place in the Arab world last week that reflect the danger in misreading regional and international changes. That has been especially the case in Syria and Lebanon, where local players have been confused in reading the situations and positioning themselves.

February 09, 2018

Lebanon’s elections: Effective majority despite claims to the contrary

From now until election day scheduled for May, the Lebanese will have to endure loud diatribes and vocal misrepresentations on TV channels.

February 02, 2018

World leaderships look weaker than global challenges

It would be absurd to admit how poor the Arab world’s reading of local, regional and global political developments is. Yes, there is a problem in reading, as well as understanding, sometimes.

January 26, 2018

Lebanon remains occupied

New words and idioms have recently imposed themselves on Lebanon’s political dictionary, such as “preventing a vacuum,” “stability,” “realism” and “temporary truce.” All these express a particular situation pointing to a local imbalance that benefits from regional disorder and global confusion.

December 15, 2017

Lebanon — a tale of two occupations

One thing that seems beyond doubt is that the days of double talk are over. It is no longer possible to get away with fake slogans amid dangerous realities in more than one area of the Arab world. As such, wise observers have become aware of what is going on and will not be fooled easily.

December 01, 2017

Why Saad Hariri has done the right thing

For some in “occupied” and “subjugated” Lebanon, the nightmare is over; for others, the country is approaching a regional cliff edge.

November 12, 2017

Looking at Catalonia crisis in a wider context

The worst has come to pass, and the two protagonists of the Catalonia crisis have slid into open confrontation. Barcelona is unhappy with the marriage, and Madrid is unwilling to entertain a divorce.

November 04, 2017

The dangers of refusing to link nuclear agreement to Iran’s behavior

The wait for US President Donald Trump to announce his position on Iran’s nuclear agreement was a nail-biting moment for many.

October 21, 2017

Scrutinizing the Kurdish referendum

It was really significant that the coffin of former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani was wrapped with the national flag of Kurdistan rather than Iraq during his funeral. We are witnessing a virtual divorce between the Kurds in northern Iraq and all Arabs.

October 14, 2017