Eyad Abu Shakra

Eyad Abu Shakra is managing editor of Asharq Al-Awsat.

Twitter: @eyad1949

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A world of fear and hatred

From the security meetings in Bonn, Munich and Baku, to the French and German elections, following Britain’s Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election as US president, the world looks worried, anxious and different. Is it a crisis of priorities or a problem of concepts?

March 03, 2017

When Lebanese democracy talks

The controversy surrounding the election of Donald Trump as US president made many outside America have another look at how its electoral system works.
January 30, 2017

Soleimani’s occupations through war, peace and agreements

Those familiar with how Iran’s political institutions work explain Gen.

January 03, 2017

Obama: The beginning and the end

Next month, the US and the whole world will turn the page of Barack Obama’s presidency, bidding farewell to eight years whose early days were full of promise, but for tens of millions ended with sadness and disasters.

December 19, 2016

The New World Disorder

Rumors were rife during the past few days about Moscow’s attempts to influence the outcome of the forthcoming German elections.

December 01, 2016

The Trump phenomenon

I have to admit that my forecast regarding the outcome of US presidential election was wrong, even though I have observed American affairs for decades, having lived under the “Western democracy” since 1978.

November 18, 2016

The minorities in the Levant

The Lebanese parliament has elected Michel Aoun as the country’s new president and has thus ended the “Presidential Vacuum” brought about, since May 25, 2014, by the boycott carried out by Hezbollah and its subservient parliamentary blocs which would accept no candidate for the post other than
November 10, 2016

A president ‘made in Lebanon’?

A few days ago, a supposedly “wise” Lebanese politician hailed the imminent end of the presidential impasse by saying “we are going to have ‘a made in Lebanon president’”!

November 03, 2016

Obama’s Middle East — fettering and collusion

For President Barack Obama to enjoy around 55% support among Americans according to the latest polls, a few weeks before the election of the new president, is a very interesting phenomenon.

October 28, 2016