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Ahli back in groove

Last Friday, Ahli got the support of its fans back by finally winning after four consecutive loses in the league.
To everyone's surprise, they managed to pull through after those losses against Ulsan Hyundai in the Asian final and against four league teams. Finally, the game with Ittihad proved victorious. But could this victory be a little too late? Many people lost hope on them already but in my opinion, the team can still show us something better.
I also think that Ittihad is in a worse place than Ahli. Their management looks like its not receiving much assistance from the team's usual financiers. Even the players are not up to their 100 per cent. This team could suffer the same fate they had last year and its only hope is the league's next stop for the GCC Cup.
The second level of the league begun yesterday. We are anticipating exciting turn ups especially for Fateh and Hilal who are competing for the first rank. Their match will be in the next round so whoever wins gets an almost sure spot on the league. Fateh has won the first level and is proving to be the best contender but I haven't lost hope completely on Hilal which is getting stronger. Get ready for shakeups that's about to happen in the team standings
More on Fateh. It lost 2-3 to Al-Arabi from Kuwait in the Arab Championship and this could have a negative effect on the team. I also believe that Fateh's coach changed the game tactic and it didn't help the team. Probably, if he stuck with the old game plan, he could have won. Or it could just be that their defender's red card earlier in the match took a toll on them. Whatever the reason is, I hope they do better in their match in Ahsa this evening. Aim for the win, and reach the next level.