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Al-Faisal University team tops global medical research contest

RIYADH: A group of medical students from Al-Faisal University in Riyadh, received first place in a global contest for medical research and studies, entitled the Cureus Medical Competition, for the year 2012.
The study presented by the Al-Faisal students, titled “Improving breastfeeding in Saudi Arabia”, was chosen as the best medical research case, from among 500 competing case studies, presented by the most reputable medical colleges in the world. 
The Saudi medical team also came in second place in the number of research cases presented at this global medical event. Some 60-research cases were presented from different universities including, among others, Stanford, Harvard, and John Hopkins.
Head of the Saudi medical students’ team, Sinthia Mushahar, said they received enormous appreciation for the work they showcased before this global event. “We feel proud and honored to present this token of academic excellence to our university, faculty and fellow students,” she added.
The Saudi medical team comprises the following students, Asma Al-Huwlan, Rim Hamada, Tahrim Khan, Abdulrahman Al-Hamadani, Ala Abu-Bakr, Yusra Al-Muqdama, and Abdullah Sarkar.
It should also be noted that Al-Faisal University has been conducing annual competitions for its students, which enable them to qualify in international competitions

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