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Al Jazirah Ford Racing team dazzles in ‘The Chase’

Al Jazirah Ford Racing team (JFR) dominated the 2nd round of UAE Drift Championship at Dubai Autodrome race track and exhibited their superiority on the racing course by winning first and third places recently.
A large number of drifting enthusiasts gathered from all over the Emirates and GCC countries to attend the UAE Drift Championship — “The Chase” event and enjoy one of the most competitive drift competitions in the region. The audience’s loud cheers charged JFR drivers and mechanics to demonstrate their skills in an action-packed drift thriller night. JFR had clinched 1st and 2nd spot in the last round three weeks ago at Yas Marina Circuits in Abu Dhabi and they could feel the pressure to perform mounting up as challengers lined up with their eyes on JFR muscle cars and skilled drivers.
“The Chase” is one of most attendance drift competition in the Middle East as it attracts highly skilled drifters and specially modified powerful cars. More than 20 professional teams representing GCC countries compete in the “Chase” to win recognition and be on the podium at the end of each round.
After the tire smoke settled and the roaring engines put to idle at the end of round 2, JFR leading captain Abdulhadi Al Qahtani stepped up on 1st place on the round champion podium. Al Qahtani teammate and the new addition to JFR team, Muath Al-Essa, impressively finished in 3rd position. In 2nd place came yet another Saudi competitor, Bander Al-Ghalib – Bolt Racing team, and so Saudi drift race drivers occupied the podium with authority.
Al Qahtani commented by saying, “First of all, I would like to congratulate my teammate and friend Muath Al-Essa for his impressive results in round one and two. Muath had finished 1st in the last round and 3rd and that is a clear testimony that Muath has proven himself within a short period of time.”
When asked about the new Mustang RTR-D, Al Qahtani replied, “This is one powerful and well built machine, I took some time and had some fun practicing after last round and with each practice I feel I’m getting closer to becoming one with this monster when I am behind that steering wheel.”
The team’s success is not only shown through winning championships, but through proving to the public and enthusiasts that drifting as a hobby that can be turned from something negative when practiced on public streets into a rewarding career providing positive mindset, dedication and most importantly, passion for the sport. Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies through JFR aim to spread safety awareness and enhance individuals’ responsibility when on the road, especially youth. This message has also the full support of the General Presidency for Youth Welfare President, Prince Nawaf bin Faisal, as well as the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation (SAMF).
Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Sales and Marketing Director, Sabah Al Kriadees, commented on the team’s achievements by saying “JFR wins every time their safety message is communicated. Winning is great on the podium and we are very proud of the team, but winning on the street against reckless driving is an ongoing effort that requires collaboration from the whole society.
Having three Saudi drift competitors on the podium at the end of the 2nd round and seeing the Saudi flag raised high on the podium enhanced my sense of pride and strengthened my belief in our youth. I want to take this opportunity to thank JFR sponsors, Hala Arabia Company, the exclusive dealer of KUMHO tires in Saudi Arabia, for sharing the importance of our message and for supporting the team being the official tire brand of the endorsing the team.