Aljomaih’s new showroom debuts

Updated 03 January 2013

Aljomaih’s new showroom debuts

Aljomaih Automotive Company (AAC), described as the largest GM dealer in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world, made another giant stride on Dec. 26 with the AAC executives at the opening of the second Aljomaih-SSS Facility for GM Core Brands and the AAC’s fourth showroom at Kilo 3 Makkah Road in Jeddah.
Ibrahim Aljomaih, chairman of AAC who led in the unveiling ceremony, said the new Al Jomaih facility at Kilo 3 would employ more than 100 workers, each of whom is skilled in his own area of specialization, and under the supervision of GM experts, to ensure the highest quality of services.
“One of the key drivers for Aljomaih to take the leading position in the premium segment is excellence in customer services. With our expanding service capacity and capability, we can serve our customers even better and more efficiently. We are relentlessly working to provide our customers the best services for their highest satisfaction, not only in terms of products, but also in terms of services. This new showroom/facility is set to provide to our customers the first-class services — both sales and after-sales,” Ibrahim said.
The two storied, 10,000 square meter showroom, with its strategic location, is sure to attract affluent and aspirational visitors seeking one of the world's most sought-after cars, immersing themselves in the comfort of these models and enjoying the Aljomaih service experience.
The architecture of the new Aljomaih showroom is a perfect harmony between form and functions, as its design reflects performance, as well as well-allocated space to ensure the most efficient working flow and the best customer comfort.
Moreover, the new showroom features a state-of-the-art facility and equipment to provide a full-range customer services that include sales, spare parts, and after-sales sections (SSS). It is open 17 hours daily to cater to the needs of customers.
The new state-of-the-art luxurious facility also provides a cozy reception area for customers to loosen up while their concerns are being attended to by Aljomaih staff.
Aljomaih has strategically increased its reach to 100 showrooms and facilities Kingdomwide.
Ibrahim also expressed gratitude to the persons, who, in their own special way, demonstrated their dedication and rendered their professional thoughts in making this showroom a reality, notably to the GM team in the region led by John Stadwick, director of General Motors Middle East operations; Adib Taki Eddine, sales business manager KSA; and Markus Leithe.
Ibrahim conveyed words of thanks to Waleed Aljomaih, COO of AAC; and Rudy Girgis, operations director of AAC.

Start-up of the Week: The app that restores work-life balance

Updated 19 June 2018

Start-up of the Week: The app that restores work-life balance

  • MRSOOL helps consumers to transport goods from any store to their door
  • Since 2017 MRSOOL has had more than 80,000 couriers across the Kingdom, potentially earning the couriers an average SR 10,000 ($2,700) within two months.

JEDDAH: Too many errands, too little time? This is how MRSOOL co-founder Naif Al-Simri used to feel, so he decided to do something about it — and not just for himself.

Realizing that he was not managing to successfully juggle the demands of his job and his family, he started to think about how he could manage things better.

His thought processes eventually led him to develop MRSOOL, an app that helps consumers to transport goods from any store to their door. All consumers need to do is post their orders, and an MRSOOL courier will go to the store to pick up and deliver the desired items to them. 

“I used to work a lot and I was not at home. My family always needed something, but I could not do it for them because of work commitments. So I would suffer because I could not do their errands and also could not find a solution. The fact that I could not find a solution would upset my family,” he said. 

Thinking about the problem — and how it affected so many people in the modern world — triggered a lightbulb moment for Al-Simri. He came up with the idea of creating a platform that would deliver anything, without him having to leave the office and pick up his family. 

“If I had to run errands I would have to leave the office and take them (to the shops). That is like five trips, so I thought to myself what if I have someone who lives close by pick up what is needed on his way and make money by doing it,” he said. 

He started to outline his idea to some of his close friends who work in app development. He talked through whether they thought there was market demand for such a service and analyzed the challenges. As he threw around ideas with friends, he was starting to formulate a business plan. It was at this stage that he started to see the potential.

He discussed the concept with Ayman Al-Sanad (a friend?), and although Al-Sanad had come up against Al-Simri’s ideas before, and was cautious about practicalities, his future partner was impressed by the proposal. Nevertheless, Al-Sanad made some suggestions for tweaking the original idea. 

“I took Ayman’s feedback and went back to the drawing board. We were both working at the time so we would touch base on weekends to discuss our development and progress,” Al-Simri added.

The two future partners started working together to develop the application, which was eventually launched in 2015. Today MRSOOL serves the whole country and there are plans to expand to the GCC and Arab countries.

Not only is MRSOOL now ranked in the top 10 applications in the Kingdom, with a star rating of 4.8 out of 5, but it is even listed in the top 200 active applications by the US Apple store. 

Since 2017 MRSOOL has had more than 80,000 couriers across the Kingdom, potentially earning the couriers an average SR 10,000 ($2,700) within two months.