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Saudi Arabia

Ambitious plan to turn Riyadh into green zone

The Higher Commission for the Development of Arriyadh (HCDA) launched an environmentally ambitious program, the first of its kind in the region. The program aims at afforestation of the Riyadh region, reduction of degradation and control of the causes as part of the HCDA’s care and concerns, while monitoring the environmental situation in light of the impact of environmental resources due to climate changes and human activities.
The program intends to increase vegetation in mountain passes and valleys and establish gardens. This will encourage the growth of flora and fauna.
The program has implemented two pilot tree plantations in Thumamah park consisting of about 6,000 trees that are subject to regular follow-up processes and measurements for their growth and periodic monitoring in terms of their location and method of planting and irrigation.
The experimental implementation of the plantation project in the main park includes the cultivation of 80,000 trees, consisting of various environmental-friendly species, and scientific experiments to learn and develop better monitoring methods.
Part of the program is the creation of a seed bank aimed to increase the number of plants in the future and the preservation of some species from extinction. Classification as well as collecting seeds from native plants based on the scientific classification of plants will also be studied in a laboratory equipped with the latest technology.

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