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Angry Tunisians throw stones at president, speaker

Protesters yesterday hurled rocks at Tunisia’s President Moncef Marzouki and Parliamentary Speaker Mustapha Ben Jaafar in Sidi Bouzid, cradle of the revolution that erupted exactly two years ago.
The incident began after a speech by Marzouki and as Ben Jaafar was about to address the crowd in the poor Tunisian town, where muted celebrations are taking place to mark the anniversary of the uprising.
The security forces swiftly evacuated the two men to the prefecture, or regional government headquarters.
The protesters invaded the square where the speeches were taking place, shouting “the people want the fall of the government.”
When the president took to the podium, many in the crowd started shouting “Get out! Get out!”
“The government does not have a magic wand to change things... It will take time to mend what we have inherited from 50 years of dictatorship,” said Marzouki.

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