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Aramco projects set to create huge job opportunities

The upcoming Saudi Aramco projects which are estimated at more than SR 308 billion are expected to open up huge employment opportunities for Saudis.
The oil giant is engaged in the implementation of large-scale energy projects that are expected to be launched over the course of the next four years will enhance national development, promote localization and maximize the role of the oil industry role in sustainable development.
Recent reports from Saudi Aramco have revealed that the company is focusing mainly on natural gas projects with a view to increasing sources of energy as well as creating feedstock for the petrochemical industry.
Saudi Aramco is gearing up to meet the growing demand for fuel, especially after the launch of new mining projects. By the end of this year, Saudi Aramco is preparing to start two refineries: Jubail refinery located on the Gulf Coast which is a joint venture with France's Total, and Yanbu refinery on the Red Sea coast. Both the projects are worth more than $ 20 billion.
The Manifa project, which is designed to produce 900,000 barrels per day of Arabian heavy crude oil, is worth $ 16 billion.
The Wasit gas program that will be run in the next year, will enhance the supply of natural gas and the development of the blue fuel industry, which is considered as the largest natural gas plants Saudi Aramco has ever built at a cost of up to $ 8.4 billion.
The Shaybah natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery facilities are undergoing a major development as well. New facilities are being installed at various salt flats in the Shaybah field.
Shaybah NGL Program Director Abdullah A. Al-Sughaiyer said the Shaybah field is still a work in progress and has a vast potential.
“The NGL facilities at Shaybah are expected to help us meet increasing demand for petrochemical feedstock by recovering valuable NGL from processed gas,” he said.
Among other projects is Saudi Aramco’s Jazan refinery which is expected to begin operations in 2016. It is worth $ 7 billion and will process 400,000 barrels per day of Arabian heavy and Arabian medium crude oil to produce gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel, benzene and paraxylene.

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