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Artist refuses to sell her painting of King Salman

JEDDAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosque King Salman has become the king of justice, who is loved by the people of Saudi Arabia, not only as a fair ruler but also as the father of the nation.

Yaara Munshi, a 20-year-old Saudi engineering student at King Abdulaziz University, has drawn almost 300 paintings reflecting her love and respect for the Kingdom, Saudi culture and traditions, life style and a special painting of King Salman, and put them on display during an exhibition at the Jeddah festival.
Munshi’s colorful paintings reflect her philosophical vision in abstract art and her sense for painting. Her painting of King Salman caught the eye of hundreds, but she refused to sell the unique piece of art.
“This painting is not for sale as I want to present it myself to the beloved king. It is my dream to meet the king of justice on behalf of the girls of Makkah, and thank him for everything he is doing for the sons and daughters of the homeland,” she said.
Munshi explained that she loves to paint and is very excited that a number of people liked her work of art, specially the painting of King Salman, which shows creativity, beauty and power.
Munshi follows the old traditional schools of art but does not ignore modern techniques and painting styles.
She also drew a large panel of the Grand Mosque and the expansion that is taking place, a message of modern art and civilization which the government is using in the construction of the Two Holy Mosques.

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