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Cornelia Meyer is a business consultant, macro-economist and energy expert.

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This Brexit soap opera badly needs a final scene

The EU Withdrawal Bill returned to the House of Commons from the House of Lords last week with 196 amendments. When it is finally enacted, the legislation will govern the shape of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and the subsequent relationship between the two entities. 

June 16, 2018

After G-7 fiasco, risk is on the rise

Asian markets seemed to shrug off the G-7 upset over the weekend in early trading, which seems to be counterintuitive — but this week alone will see several events that could result in increased geopolitical risk.

June 11, 2018

Why the oil markets made a U-turn

Last week the oil price did a U-turn based on expectations of production increases by an alliance of OPEC and non-OPEC countries. Brent had tested the $80 level over several weeks. It fell to $76.44 by Friday and some more in early Asian trading on Monday, reaching $74.50.

May 28, 2018