Faisal Mrza

Faisal Mrza is an energy and oil marketing adviser. He was formerly with the OPEC and Saudi Aramco. Twitter:@faisalmrza

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Iran oil sanctions pose opportunity for US producers

Iran has asserted that no OPEC member can take over its share of oil exports. This has created a quandary, as only OPEC producers in the Arabian Gulf have crude available with a sulfur level above 0.5 percent, matching Iran’s sour crude.

November 01, 2018

Speculators play bigger role on downward sentiment

So far, oil prices have responded to geopolitical factors in a relatively calm fashion, with prices still remaining in the $70-$80 range. However, talk about oil price volatility seems to be in fashion. Price volatility became much steeper in the past two weeks.

October 28, 2018

Why big business was done at FII 2018

The significant success of last year’s inaugural Future Investment Initiative (FII), which was nicknamed “Davos in the Desert,” was not accepted by certain individuals outside Saudi Arabia. 

October 26, 2018

Uncaged bears see oil prices make fast retreat

Oil prices and stock markets went into a steep decline over the past week, as international organizations warned of growing signs of weakness in the global economy. 

October 13, 2018