Ranvir S. Nayar

Ranvir S. Nayar is managing editor of Media India Group, a global platform based in Europe and India, which encompasses publishing, communication, and consultation services.

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Caste tensions never far from the surface in India

The nationwide strike called by over 150 associations of Dalits (the outcastes according to Hindu tradition) in India earlier this week cost 10 lives in clashes between the protesters and upper castes and also put the Indian caste system back in the national and international spotlight.

April 06, 2018

Future of Indo-French relationship in Macron’s hands

France and India appear to be on the path toward forging a unique strategic partnership in the Indian Ocean and Pacific regions, mainly to act as a bulwark against the rapid expansion of Chinese influence, a development that has bothered both countries for quite some time.

March 13, 2018

India and Palestine: Friends who have drifted apart

When India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi received Palestine’s highest civilian award, the Grand Collar of the State of Palestine, from President Mahmoud Abbas at a ceremony in Ramallah last Friday, the irony seemed to be drowned in the flashes of hundreds of cameras that tried to capture the mom

February 14, 2018

Peace in Kashmir would benefit all parties

A report submitted to the Indian Parliament last month blamed Pakistan for a large spike in the number of violations of the Kashmir cease-fire agreement the two countries signed back in 2003.

February 09, 2018