Sigurd Neubauer

Sigurd Neubauer is a Middle East analyst and columnist based in Washington. 

Twitter: @SigiMideast

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Trump can use JCPOA as leverage to force Iran’s hand

Less than a week after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s high-profile visit to the White House, Yemen’s Houthi militia launched seven ballistic missiles targeting civilian areas in Saudi Arabia.

March 29, 2018

Trump’s great gamble on Mideast peace

The EU will host a meeting in Brussels on Jan. 31 of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (ADLC), the 15-member body that is the principal policy-level coordination mechanism for development assistance for the Palestinian people.

January 23, 2018

North Korea’s tricky balancing act

Ever since the UN Security Council imposed its third consecutive round of punitive sanctions against North Korea in 2017 over its controversial nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) programs, Pyongyang has embarked on a charm offensive toward its southern neighbor.

January 19, 2018

America’s small but symbolic diplomatic victory in Korea

Less than two weeks after the United Nations Security Council imposed its third round of punitive sanctions against North Korea of 2017 over its recent string of provocative intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests, the US-led international pressure campaign seems to have borne fruit: Tomo

January 08, 2018

America’s successful approach toward North Korea

Despite US President Donald Trump’s well-documented aptitude for political theater, he has made significant strides toward bringing North Korea to the negotiating table.

December 29, 2017

Syria peace talks little more than political theater

Ahead of peace talks in the Kazakh capital of Astana today and tomorrow, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last Monday the partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria.

December 21, 2017