Yossi Mekelberg

Yossi Mekelberg is professor of international relations at Regent’s University London, where he is head of the International Relations and Social Sciences Program. He is also an associate fellow of the MENA Program at Chatham House. He is a regular contributor to the international written and electronic media.

Twitter: @YMekelberg

Latest published

The only winner as Trump dumps the nuclear treaty is Russia

With every passing day, the worrying feeling that the Cold War has returned is becoming an alarming reality. Relations between the US, and the West in general, with Russia are deteriorating. In addition, Washington and Beijing are on a collision course.

October 27, 2018

How Merkel missed a chance to be honest with Israel

History plays a major role in relations between states, sometimes in the background, on other occasions at the very forefront. It would be almost impossible to find two countries with a closer friendship than Germany and Israel, anchored in common interests but still fraught by history.

October 20, 2018