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Balanced stories and articles

This refers to the article that appeared on Nov. 30 captioned, “Muhammad Mursi’s big goal is new Egypt.” Eric Walberg in this article has followed Mursi’s calculated moves from staring down Egypt’s generals and putting his own men in top army and defense position to his dealing with President Obama in bringing US pressure on Israel to back down in its planned invasion of Gaza.
Walberg has highlighted President Mursi’s real strength and his moral, ethical values. He is a true leader committed to reforms unlike the other so called “leaders” who are opportunist and fearing for their past crimes. They are being identified by their comments and actions on the latest decree of President Mursi.
On the other hand, President Mursi is a man with a mission and vision. He has set his direction clearly. Yes, a new Egypt without hypocrites and swindlers. I wish him a great success.
Thanks to Arab News for publishing such nice and balanced articles.
Nazeer A. Abdul Aziz