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The battles American generals can’t win

Former American President Dwight Eisenhower was one of the most admired and respected general during WWII. Later on he became the president and the commander in chief. But, would he reach the rank of colonel if his associates had Internet at that time and what if there was Internet in the FBI offices many years ago, would Edgar Hoover survive 37 years as the top American policeman and the most annoying person for six American presidents, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon?
After the resignation of the four-star general, David Petraeus, many people outside the United States of America asked what makes American military so transparent and so powerful that it can afford to lose a very talented, patriotic and intelligent general like Petraeus? There was no breach of national security and he wasn’t caught in the act. But, military people know that gossip and loose lips can sink ships. The irony of this is when the outside world sees the director of the CIA being forced to step down for a personal act, the American military does the best public relations job because it tells the world that no one is above the law in the military ranks, even a four-star general and the keeper of the American secrets.
In the American military we have seen uniformed men and women rise and fall. During the American war in Afghanistan, I read about a US Navy lieutenant, Michael Murphy, who saved his SEAL comrade and died in the process. He wasn’t forgotten. The US Navy named a ship in his honor. This act by an American branch of the military makes the American soldiers and sailors enjoy the highest morale, even during the time of battle. So, what does the American war machine means for the outside world?
The American generals and admirals do hold the highest authorities among the world military. In the battlefields they make military and political decisions without the need to call Washington. In peace or war, one single American general or admiral has more firepower under his command than many other countries. America is very powerful and it doesn’t have to go to war to win. All they have to do is show up at the battlefront with visible aircraft carriers and invisible nuclear submarines and fly over by the fifty years old B-52s bombers and the battle will be over before it starts.
America is the only country in the world that gives a young air force officer a noninsured one billion dollar toy and no one even can put him on trial if he breaks it. This toy is simply a box that carries lethal bombs. It is the B-2 Bomber. It is designed by the most intelligent Ph. D. holders, flown by young bachelor degree graduates and maintained by 19 years old high school teenagers.
The United States Armed Forces is the only force capable of invading another country 10 thousand miles away and still can feed its soldiers fresh baked apple pies. It has a navy that is seen at all enclosed waterways or open oceans. Each single navy aircraft carrier has more firepower than many countries and each single nuclear submarine is considered the second most powerful navy in the world.
American military didn’t affect the world in the military side only. American military didn’t only fight wars. It had many affects on civilian lives all over the world. American military is what made Starbucks what it is today. It was the American Army that invented the instant coffee. And American radars are seen in every kitchen under the name of microwave oven. The American military used anesthesia by using the chloroform during the civil war, introduced computers, Internet and satellite technology. This is why it is very ironic that American generals and admirals can face and beat any enemy the battlefield, but can’t face or win when facing their closest friends and associates.
I still remember the first American female B-52 pilot, Kelly Flinn, whom the US Air Force gave the biggest bomber in its arsenal and she was fired (resigned) because she couldn’t control her emotions. And how about the American general who was nominated to become the joint chief of staff, but, he had close relations with a woman whom he planned to marry, but, he was separated from his wife in the state of Virginia. The law in Virginia requires a one-year separation before the divorce is final.
In 1991, the world saw some of the best American admirals lose their stars even when they had nothing to do with a minor incident which hit the US Navy during a five-day celebration. It was the tail ook scandal that took place at the Las Vegas Hilton. The irony of this scandal is that it happened in Las Vegas, where everything is legal (almost everything). There are many generals and admirals who were in the hot seats at the American Air Force Academy in Denver, West Point in New York and the naval academy in Annapolis. All the scandals at these academies were committed by very young teenagers, but, it was the American top brass that lost their jobs.
The saddest tragic story I have ever heard of an American top brass was not because he had emotions for the other sex. It was because of his love of his uniform. The story of America’s top Navy officer Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda who committed suicide in 1996 was heartbreaking. He was investigated and being accused of wearing the wrong navy medal on his uniform. This confirms that American top brass will survive the battlefront, but will not be able to handle the glamour that comes with the uniform.
In 1969, America saw the birth of the peace festival called Woodstock which took place in White Lake, New York. It called on soldiers to fall in love instead of waging war. Apparently in the year 2012 it is safer to wage a war than to fall in love.

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