Be adroit, O people!


Be adroit, O people!

When you are with your family, and turn on your television, you find out that impudence and insolence have gone beyond the limits of vulgarity and sometimes seem as if they were not enough, so, you find yourself blasted with insolent moves, indecent euphemisms, animal-like behavior, and voices that are far from vocal cords of nobility and chastity.
You may wonder that while the libertine West that spread corruption and debauchery warn you that some films are not appropriate for children, or without parental guidance, or that they are for adults only, such warnings are a luxury from which we were deprived. We! The good conservative people — the best of all humanity!
When you go shopping with your family and see that some magazine covers bear headlines like “My husband didn’t touch me intimately for months,” (I have refined this headline, removed inappropriate words, and paraphrased it), however, this headline is much less vulgar than many others shown besides it. What should I tell you about the pictures? I am sorry, but we agreed to mention only words, not pictures.
A sales agent would call you offering you some commodities, and you wonder how she got your phone number. She intrudes your privacy without even asking for permission; afterwards, you discover that she got your phone number from some friends. When you apologize to her in the most courteous words, she laughs in a suggestive tone and says: “Oh you are one of those who love to be visited in their own offices! Ok, just give me a hint!”
Where are we o people?
You will not be far from such tasteless language, even from those who consider themselves “elites.” Although I see a great deal of discourtesy in this word, as if it means that people are of two kinds, elites and … what about the others, savages? A famous writer addresses another famous writer saying: “The pen with which you write should be broken on your rotten head.”
You tell me, where can you find the rottenness in this context? Can you see it? We need a cleansing campaign all over the nation, starting from our schools, and never ending with our newspapers. And we need it right now!
Out of adroitness, I apologize to you for some of what I mentioned in this article.

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(The first part of this column appeared
on Saturday, Oct. 20)

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