Be prepared, punctual for dialogue!

Dr. Mohsin Shaikh Al-Hassan

Published — Tuesday 1 January 2013

Last update 31 December 2012 11:04 pm

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Our topic today is "respect your time and that of the others.” Some dialogues may start spontaneously, without prior notice as that which takes place on an airplane, with a taxi driver, someone you meet in a restaurant, with your school mate.
Other dialogues are previously prepared for or they are quite expected. In which case:
— Be on time and it is preferable to be there at least 10 minutes before the meeting.
— Have everything you need ready, including books, devices, illustrations … etc.
— If you know that you are running late, call and inform the other party before the set time.
— You might come across some people with whom it is quite difficult to conduct a dialogue. In such cases, you might behave in a way completely different from your set goals.
— Last but not the least discussing sensitive issues may make you angry, lose your self-confidence, or become confused as to the proper stand to be taken.

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