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Big A for Generation Z

GENERATION Z is a nickname which is widely catching on for those young boys and girls who were born after 1995, or in other words young people who can’t imagine the world without the existence of the Internet, satellite TV, their cell phones and iPads.
What makes the experience of these aspiring teenagers so unique is the extraordinary access of enormous amount of information and data that is floating around them and provided through the tremendous technology of the 21st century. Many have visited the major cities in the world from an early age, and have covered in traveling more than previous generations ever did in their entire life.
They were lucky to be born at a time of rising standards of living and economic growth. They enjoy multi-cultural exposure through the advancement of many social media tools that are becoming an integral part of their daily lives.
Although Generation Z may come off as a bit spoiled with all of these material and social gains, coupled with the constant accusation of reduced moral and traditional values, a deeper and closer look may tell a different story of this generation of the future.
Their continuous attachment to their personal gadgets has provided them with a tremendous ability to process enormous amounts of information swiftly and with ease, which is a major sign that they are prepared to perform sophisticated mental processing strongly needed for business in the future.
They start their life constantly hearing about world hungers, global warming, fundamentalism, terrorist threats, and war on corruption. All this imposes a strong sense of social responsibility on many of them, and they seem to have the resources and initiative to make positive changes in these areas.
And even though Generation Z prefer to use texting instead of having real conversations with others, they still enjoy a strong sense of community, were they find themselves constantly jumping in to help when their circle of contacts are in trouble, which gives an indication of willingness for social justice and philanthropy.
Maybe what makes Generation Z even more outstanding is that they could be the first true Saudi-global culture and adapt it as their way of life. Ongoing trends are more of a global nature as they have the potential of becoming the most open minded and educated Saudi generation to date.
So no matter how you want to address them, as Generation Z, the Internet generation, or social media generation; you should train yourself in dealing with them because they will be leading the future of our country.

A Tweet: “Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors.” — Jim Morrison

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