Arab News is officially the Media Partner for the upcoming event “The Bizz Arabic 2012” which will take place on September 16th, 2012 at Doha, Qatar.

THE BIZZ, this award that is considered the world’s most important in the business field, has been given out every year for the past eight years. This ceremony is celebrated in order to recognize business excellence and it is developed in different places like New York, Panama City, Rome, Houston, Dubai, México City, Dakar, Mumbai, Punta Cana, Frankfurt, Lima, Barcelona, etc. This year, this event will take place Doha, Qatar.

Since this prize is considered the most important business award, the companies that receive it are evaluated by a committee from The World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), and they select the companies that are leaders in their country, showing good practices and quality in their services, products, and in the way of managing internal and external stakeholders.

The final event of the year will be THE BIZZ ARABIC 2012, and will take place in Doha, Qatar this September 16th, at the fabulous Sharq Village & Spa Hotel, with the attendance of the most outstanding companies from the Middle East and Latin America.



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