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BMW Pearl ultimate reflection of style, exclusivity

The story starts with the Pearl; the treasure that brought the UAE its first taste of wealth and the latest source of inspiration for BMW’s bespoke optioning program — BMW Individual.
The BMW Pearl Series is a collection of 88 specially designed and produced BMW 6 Series Pearl and 7 Series Pearl Individual models featuring an exclusive Frozen Matt Brilliant White exterior color and Merino Amaro Brown leather interior with newly developed white piping and individual wood trim in Ash Grain White. An elegant 'Pearl' designation on the chrome trim adorns the rear of both models as well as the door entry seals.
These exquisite marks of bespoke craftsmanship are the vision of BMW Group Middle East. BMW Individual designers were challenged to transfer the mystery, elegance and beauty of the Pearl to a BMW 7 Series and 6 Series Gran Coupe. The result? A series of unique vehicles that appeal to the discerning tastes of BMW customers across the Middle East.
“Luxury and style are experiences you aspire to, both of which can be achieved through the car you drive and the clothes you wear,” said Alexander Eftimov, director of sales and marketing for BMW Group Middle East. “Just like Haute Couture, the BMW Individual program is the ultimate reflection of style and exclusivity. It enables customers to tailor their vehicle to a bespoke design that suits their individual style by using a range of premium materials, paints and interior trims. We have high expectations for the BMW Pearl Series. It will no doubt reinforce BMW's association with luxury and strengthen our status as the leading global premium car manufacturer.”
Established in 1991, BMW Individual was the first of its kind in the premium automotive industry. The program launched with the aim of leading the trend toward more individuality by concentrating on customers looking for made-to-measure solutions and making tougher demands on their BMW in terms of distinction, design and function.
BMW Individual has been a synonym for outstanding technical ambition and a desire for automobile perfection ever since. The program’s success story began with a design from Karl Lagerfeld, followed by another two creations over the next few years — unusual prototypes that were pioneering for what followed. An Individual model created for the world renowned artist David Hockney was the epitome of eccentricity. The passenger seat in his BMW 6 Series was replaced by a basket containing supplies of water for his constant companions — two dachshunds. The designer Hanae Mori, with her butterfly design for the upholstery, was also an exception. Apart from such extravagances, high-quality hand finishes and exclusive materials went without saying in all versions during the subsequent years.