Burst shark aquarium gets 600,000 Youtube hits

Updated 29 December 2012

Burst shark aquarium gets 600,000 Youtube hits

BEIJING: Dramatic video footage has captured the moment a 33-ton shark tank exploded in a Shanghai shopping center, engulfing onlookers in a torrent of water and glass and injuring 15 people. The clip from closed circuit television footage at the Orient mall, which shows the wall of the aquarium shattering and water gushing over bystanders, has been widely viewed all over the world with more than 600,000 hits on YouTube.
Seconds before it explodes, four people are shown standing meters away from the tank, one of them taking a photo. As the aquarium breaks, the bystanders try to jump out of the way as water surges toward them. One apparently injured person is carried from the debris of a cosmetics counter which collapses as a result of the explosion, and fish are seen flipping about amid the broken glass from the tank.
Startled shoppers are captured taking pictures of the aftermath with their smart phones as others help those who have been hurt. The local Xinmin newspaper said 15 shoppers were taken to hospital with “minor injuries” after they were showered with glass.
Three sharks, dozens of turtles and other marine life died, the paper said. Police have launched an investigation into the incident, which happened at the center on the busy East Nanjing Road on Dec. 18.

Egypt hit by a deluge of rain, making rivers out of roads

Updated 26 min 46 sec ago

Egypt hit by a deluge of rain, making rivers out of roads

  • Egypt's current deluge of rain is in stark contrast to the previous warmer weather
  • Streets, homes and even a popular shopping mall have been overwhelmed by the wet weather

CAIRO: Heavy rain has left parts of Egypt impassable after the deluge of water flooded streets and damaged property on Tuesday, and the poor weather conditions were expected to continue through the week.

The cold unstable windy conditions hit the north of the country, across Cairo, North Sinai and the upper Egyptian governorates, turning roads into rivers.

The current poor weather conditions follow warmer spells, but head of Egypt’s Meteorological Authority Ahmed Abdel-Aal told local papers the change in conditions was not unusual.

“This is natural change amid a transitional period in the spring season, which undergoes rapid and sharp changes in temperatures,” he said. 

Of course, with such dramatic scenes, people have reacted in the only way they know how and captured the floods, leaky ceilings and downpours on their mobile phones and posted the imagery on social media.

Footage includes scenes of water pouring through the ceiling of a mall in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement area. 

Other pictures from the same district showed parked cars almost completely submerged in the flood waters.