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Limited Edition 2 to feature Saudi artists

Art association Arabian Wings and Dubai-based publishing house Brown Book will launch an exhibition and art book called Limited Edition 2 to display the work of 26 Saudi artists.

'Olden Days' in Saudi Arabia

When I first came to Saudi Arabia, there were very few asphalt roads, houses were still made of mud and straw – as we had seen in such films as “The Robe&rdq

Verdi & Pavarotti

After talking about the “highest poet” Dante and the “greatest genius” Leonardo, this time we shall glance at a totally different feature of the multi-faceted Italian cultur

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

One of the most famous stories ever written is certainly “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

Centuries-old nargileh culture under threat

ANKARA: Just like the centuries-old coffee tradition, the nargileh, or water pipe, is a mainstay of Turkish culture but authorities are clamping down on this ancient social ritual that health exper

British neighborhood wants its Banksy back

LONDON: A London neighborhood wants its Banksy back.

Exhibition showcases Jazan cultural heritage

JAZAN: The Technical College for Girls in Jazan organized on Thursday an exhibition to showcase the cultural heritage of the people of Jazan region.

Training course on vocal Maqamat in Madinah

JEDDAH: The Madinah Arts and Culture Society has organized a training course on vocal Maqamat, or the art of recitation.

How ‘Life of Pi’ makers told their story

DIRECTOR Ang Lee wanted to offer filmgoers an “immersive” experience with “Life of Pi,” his Oscar-nominated 3D fable about an Indian boy trapped

Year’s first art fest coming to Jeddah

In a collaborative effort, the first art festival of the year will be launched in Jeddah from Feb. 24-28, entitled “Arabian Wings Haii.”

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